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Accounting Records
In Short Time For
A Reasonable Fee!
Accounting Records Management
In Short Time For A Reasonable Fee!
+375 (44) 592-22-72
Focus On Your Business!
Let Us Handle Your Records!
Accounting Records
In Short Time For
A Reasonable Fee!
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What we offer:
To set up Your accounting and tax records management system from scratch, further maintain its separate parts
To fill out and submit all the necessary accounting forms
To calculate employee payroll and credit payroll taxes
To appear on Your behalf before the competent authorities
To carry out the inspection of accounting and taxation management
We Save Your Money, Time and Nerves:
We charge less than a full-time Accountant
We don't have sick or maternity leaves, no vacations
You pay only for the services rendered
You get more time to do business
We Safeguard Your Interests:
You can contact Your Accountant at any time (telephone, email, viber, skype, telegram and more)
We do our work on time according to the agreement
You have a team of specialists at Your disposal so that multiple tasks can be executed at once
We fix all the previous mistakes
Are You Tired Of Doing Your Own Accounting? Contact Us!
To give expert advice on accounting and taxation
We've hired a highly-experienced staff, our employees are experts in various spheres, they are provided with continuous job training, opportunities to participate in topic-specific conferences and workshops
and competence
We devise an individual work plan for every client; You can feel free to contact Your Accountant at any time
The sum insured provides an additional guarantee for our clients
All-risk insurance
We provide a full scope of services for businesses, in case a question goes beyond the accountant's expertise, we immediately find another specialist to deal with the issue, our team consists of lawyers, HR and tax officers
Full package of services
Your business' data is protected by our Company
Strict confidentiality
Benefits of Working With Us:
We assure You that our fees are appealing and reasonable
What Do You Get:
Chief Accountant
Transparent fees
and charges
Reduced accounting
Well-managed documentation system
Possibility to invest
free resources
How Do We Work:
You develop
Your business
We provide You
with reliable
or make a phone call
We arrange a meeting, discuss the tasks and processes, calculate final pricing
We sign an accounting services agreement, in which the parties' rights and responsibilities are outlined
We appoint your Chief Accountant, who'll be in charge of Your company's records
You hand over the necessary documentation so that we can be fully plunged into the processes and work flow
We perform our job responsibilities
Use our website to apply
Can we have just 2 minutes of Your time?
Please answer a few questions and we'll select the perfect package of services, share our experience in Your business sphere and calculate final pricing.

Keep Calm – Your Wellbeing Is Safeguarded
Get To Know Our Team
Tax Consultant
HR Officer
Debt Recovery
Pricing Policy
You can always contact us for a one-time consultation - from 100 rubles
We will deal for You with all issues with documents from contractors
The "Simplified Tax System without VAT" Package
100 BYN

Starting from
The "Simplified Tax System with VAT" Package
200 BYN
Starting from
The "General Tax System (income tax) without VAT" Package

200 BYN
Starting from
The "General Tax System (income tax) with VAT" Package

250 BYN
Starting from
The "Simplified Tax System without VAT" Package (Bookkeeping Ledger)

200 BYN
Starting from
The "Simplified Tax System with VAT" Package (Bookkeeping Ledger)
250 BYN
Starting from
The "General or Simplified Tax System
300 BYN
Starting from
(with/without VAT) with Accounting Management
Conclude a contract for one year of service and get 1 hour of legal advice free of charge
Final pricing is determined according to the volume of Your work flow, number of bank transactions, set of accounting services, number of employees, presence or absence of international deeds.
Debits, credits, reports, accounts…

Contact numbers :
40A Orlovskaya St.,
room 43 (7th floor), Minsk
Working hours:
Mo-Fr: 9am - 6pm
Sat, Sun: closed
Business Finance and Accounting Services LLC
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A businessman is supposed to do business while the Accountant provides straightforward information. Our Company is ready to do this for You!