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+375 (44) 592-22-72
Постановка бухгалтерского
учета «под ключ»
в кратчайшие сроки за
разумную стоимость!
Timely commencement of debt recovery actionsis a key to success in business and effective business operation.

+375 (44) 592-22-72
Постановка бухгалтерского
учета «под ключ»
в кратчайшие сроки за
разумную стоимость!
Timely commencement of debt recovery actionsis a key to success in business and effective business operation.
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Постановка бухгалтерского учета «под ключ»
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We provide:
Advice and explanations of debt recovery
Legal assessment of prospects for debt recovery
Assist in mediation
Documentation of claims and writ applications, as well as preparation of necessary documents for appeal to a notary
Debt recovery support at the stage of enforcement proceedings
We stand guard over your interests:
You are not engaged in incidental work
You do not lose time while we collect past-due debt
You will increase operating assets of your company
You maintain a relationship with your debtors
Priorities of our work:
We use modern automated debt recovery instruments
We apply combined debt settlement strategies
We guarantee complete confidentiality and transparency
We strive for best results. Crediting funds to the client's account is our primary
Over the years, we have helped recover over 500,000 overdue liabilities.
We fix all the previous mistakes
Stages of debt recovery:
Appeal to
a notary for executory endorsement
of enforcement proceedings.

Stages of our lawyers' work:
✔ Advice on debt recovery
✔ Analysis and valuation of existing receivables
✔ Documentation of claims and writ applications (Elaboration of petition for commencement of proceedings, calculation of penalties, interest, etc.)

This debt enforcement method may be used only in certain categories of cases provided for by Decree No. 366 (lease of movable/immovable property, utility charges for the use of non-residential premises, supply, contract, provision of services, etc.). The advantage of this enforcement method is a short term from 1 to 3 days, as well as a low cost.
(writ and action
Stages of our lawyers' work:
✔ Drawing up and submission of an application on institution of enforcement proceedings
✔ Preparation and submission of motions for attachment of the debtor's assets, etc.
✔ Preparation and submission of petitions on application by legal executives of measures necessary in a particular case, aimed at debt recovery
✔ Negotiations with the debtor
✔ Appeal against actions (inactions) of court legal executives.
✔ Support of all document circulation and recovery stages
✔ Enforcement of schedules
✔ Work with legal executives and their supervision
✔ Work with the debtor
✔ Visits to law enforcement agencies throughout Belarus
✔ Management of incoming funds
Stages of our lawyers' work:
Advice on debt recovery
Analysis and valuation of existing receivables
Assessment of debt recovery prospects
Negotiation with the debtor on debt repayment, SMS notifications, mail notifications, personal meetings with the debtor
Drawing up and sending of claim letters that comply with legal requirements

What you'll get:
Cost and time
Work for results
Privacy policy
You optimize the cost of maintaining a staff on troubled receivables and associated debt recovery costs
The company's resources allow working with a large portfolio of debtors in a short time throughout Belarus
Our experts have many years of positive experience in working with debtors and legal executives, competently and respectfully communicate with debtors, act within the limits of legislation and ensure the cultivation of favorable image of your company
Our remuneration is % of the actual amount of debt recovered. Support of all stages of document circulation and
recovery according to the price list
Our company meets all required
standards in this area and guarantees the confidentiality of corporate information
Debt repayment is our primary goal
How Do We Work:
We provide a refund!
or make a phone call
We make an appointment, discuss the scope of work, conditions and cost cooperation
We sign a services agreement, in which the parties' rights and responsibilities are outlined
Start and Automation
You hand over the necessary documentation so that we can be fully plunged into the processes and work flow
We perform our job responsibilities
We systematize the data and provide
a progress report

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Debt Recovery
Pricing Policy:
Drawing up a statement of claim
from 200 rubles
Elaboration of petitions, applications and other documents
from 120 rubles
Elaboration of petition for appeal and cassation appeal
from 300 rubles
Elaboration of application on institution of enforcement proceedings
from 120 rubles
Receipt of notary's executory endorsement
from 200 rubles
Elaboration of application for seizure of debtor's accounts and property
from 120 rubles
Documentation of enforcement proceedings
from 200 rubles
Terms and cost of cooperation in working with large debt portfolios, pre-trial work, management of court enforcement actions, as well as notary's executory endorsements are based on actual amount of recovered debt
* This list of services is not exhaustive
A good recovery lawyer is the solution to your problems!
By delegating the debt recovery process to our company, you save time and resources.
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