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About us
Delovoy Finance Group consists of progressive companies established in 2013.
We created a space where you can receive a full range of business consulting services for implementation of the most challenging and innovative ideas.
Company's specialists are ready to use all possible legal means and actual experience to achieve the result.
We work with individual entrepreneurs, medium-sized businesses and large companies throughout the Republic of Belarus, investors and international chains.
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Legal services
We will find useful solutions for your business and ensure its protection. Our services range from consultations, document check and contract drafting to the audit of legal processes of your business.
Accounting services
Are you tired of looking for an experienced and reliable accountant? Do you have constant problems with tax authorities? We will check the competence of your accountant! We will save you from unnecessary troubles and arrange your bookkeeping!
HR services
Why is HR accounting important? Which HR documents are you required to have? How are staff files formalized? Your HR accounting is still kept by an accountant, are you sure that it is kept according to the legislation? Our specialists will arrange HR processes and correct mistakes in a current accounting!
Debt recovery
Our specialists know how to return your money using fast and professional methods.
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